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Our machinists' training program is structured and comprehensive training for becoming a Journey-Level Machinist. The program includes intensive on the job learning, as well as company-sponsored classroom instruction, Harbor Island Machine designed curriculum and independent study. The goal is to develop competent, Advanced Specialist Machinists with expertise in turning, boring, milling and drilling on conventional and CNC equipment. As part of the program, apprentices gain an understanding of estimating, tool room, grinding, and machine tool maintenance in addition to machining skills.

The purpose of the entry-level Machinists' Helper job is to determine an applicant's aptitude and other necessary qualifications for the Training Program. Machinist Trainees begin as Machinists' Helpers, performing a variety of basic tasks including assisting machinists, shop cleaning and light maintenance, hand-finishing and deburring parts, crane and forklift operation, and shipping/receiving. The Trainee has time to become acquainted with the trade and to confirm their desire to become a Machinist. The Helper period lasts as long as it takes for a person to master the basics, which is typically about one to one and a half years. Qualified Machinists' Helpers are then eligible to begin the intensive two-year training program. During this phase, Trainees take community college courses in areas such as machine shop theory, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, physics, welding and CNC principles while also learning on-the-job. The company reimburses the Trainee for books and tuition provided the Trainee earns a C grade or higher in any course. Courses may be challenged and bypassed if the Trainee has previously taken a required course or can demonstrate that s/he already has that knowledge. Thorough on-the-job training combined with formal coursework gives Trainees the solid foundation necessary to be outstanding, highly skilled Machinists.


Applicants must demonstrate motivation, initiative, and dependability. A high degree of mechanical aptitude and a proficiency in problem solving are also essential. Applicants must be physically capable of lifting 70 pounds and need to be high school graduates or possess a GED. At least a basic math background and aptitude is helpful. The Shop Superintendent and Training Supervisor review each applicant's written application, work history, and interview the applicant. If accepted into the two-year training program, applicants sign a letter outlining both the commitment of the company and the expectations of the Trainee.


All Trainees are covered by a top quality benefits package including medical, dental, vision, accident/sickness and life insurances. The company pays all premiums for these coverages; nothing is deducted from employees' paychecks for their own coverage. The company pays the majority of premium costs for their dependents coverage. A 401K and year-end bonus plan are also provided. Once accepted into the training program, wages are determined by the following scale:

  • After the first six months in the training program, 65% of the current journey-level wage.
  • After the second six months, 70% of journey-level wage.
  • After the third six months, 75% of journey-level wage.
  • After the fourth six months, 80% of the journey-level wage.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, 85% of the current journey-level machinist wage.

To Apply

If you would like to apply for the Machinists' Helper/Trainee position, print this application, fill it out completely, attach your resume with appropriate cover letter, and

FAX to: 206-623-6011
Attn: H.R. Dept.

For questions or to follow up on the status of an application,
contact Bill Anderson at 206-682-7637, or Lisa at 206-498-4359.
We will hold your application until our next position becomes available.

Please DO NOT e-mail the application

Thank you for your interest!

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